Kids' Foundation School

An English Medium Co-educational

(Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Delhi)

Affiliation Number:2230017, School No- 35016

Alubari/Chongkham, Dist.- Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh- 792102

About Kids' Foundation School

Kids' Foundation School nestled in the heart of Chongkham was established on 9th April 1987 and initially housed in the old residential building of Chow Tewa Mein, Managing Director and now Chairman and his wife Nang Bijeta Mein, the Secretary. Slowly but steadily it developed into an institution of reckoning though the journey was through tough as well as glorious times. What started with only three teachers and thirty four students grew into a family of hundreds of students and dozens of teaching staffs. With the satisfactory reflections shown in its very nascent years the rush for admission to the school increased manifold and burgeoned. So in order to accommodate every interested child into the institute, in 1995 the school had to be bifurcated into two sections with the junior section from Classes Nursery to V being retained at Chongkham. The senior section from Classes VI-X was shifted to a new facility at Alubari in a genteel environment just a few kilometres away. In this current academic session, the number of students in the junior section considerably increased to four hundred students. With enrolment of 150 in the senior section, the family now comprises of 550 students, 21 teachers and 25 non teaching staffs. Kids'' Foundation School run under the aegis of Kids'' Foundation Society, the society established with the motto of "instruction and diffusion of useful knowledge" was and still is engrossed in the philosophy of shaping its students into global citizens fit for shouldering future challenges, responsibilities and to be self reliant in taking positive decisions. The institution got its NOC from the Government of Arunachal Pradesh on 27th June 1995 with NOC no. EDA/110/93-94. It has got the recognition from CBSE, Delhi. It was affiliated by CBSE, Delhi vide affiliation no. 2230017 on 1st April 1999.