Kids' Foundation School

An English Medium Co-educational

(Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Delhi)

Affiliated No:2230017, School No- 05860

Chongkham, Dist.- Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh- 792102


Dear Students, -- I am very glad to avail my self of this opportunity in the new Era of Education to send out this Message. To all our pupils, parents & well wishers who have been a part & parcel of K.F.S family & obviously the biggest source of power and strength for K.F.S. As you know, this institution has been catering to the different educational needs in general and quality Education in particular. Now with the changing needs of our time K.F.S. has introduced some new programs in computer studies along with Information Technology and some Vocational Courses. We very optimistically believe that such new introduction will be of immense benefit for the students in order to reach new goals and cross-new frontiers. We require innovating and utilizing new hidden resources to improve our skills to keep peace with changing times. I wish our students all success in the new Era of Learning.